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Eye Exams At Walmart

Walmart Vision Center Eye Exam Cost

Walmart Vision Center Eye Exam Cost

Reading GlassesIf you feel that your eyes are deteriorating, or if you need to go for a routine eye exam, Walmart Vision Center is one place where you can have this done. They offer both regular eye exams as well as exams for contact lenses at a price competitive with many other chains that provide this service. With that said however, an eye exam is not exactly really cheap, especially without insurance. These costs especially add up extremely fast if you are a large family who are all having eye exams at Walmart. So lets find out the Walmart Vision Center Eye Exam Cost.

Walmart Eye Exam cost

The cost for a regular eye exam at Walmart generally sits somewhere around the cost of $50. This figure of course varies throughout America depending on the different Vision Centers you visit and their location in America. Therefore, if there are multiple Walmart Vision Center’s near you, I suggest visiting each one to check out their individual exam prices. Insurance of course will reduce the cost of the eye exam for you, so if you have this insurance it is a bonus.

If you are instead looking to have a contact lenses exam at Walmart, the price is actually a bit higher than that of a regular eye exam there. You can expect to pay somewhere between $80 and $100 for the contact exam, once again depending on the location and center you are at. Like with regular exams, I suggest visiting a few different centers to find the lowest cost of them all before having your exam there.

As well as insurance, you can also save money on eye exams at Walmart with some Walmart Vision Center Coupons which can be found through the link that I have just provided previously (Walmart Coupons). Remember, healthy eyes mean a healthier you, so it’s best not to put off having an eye exam done. Now that you have the approximate Walmart Vision Center Eye Exam Cost, head to an optometrist today and schedule an eye exam for yourself and/ or any family members.