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Let’s face it, caring for the health of your eyes isn’t exactly cheap. Between regular eye exams, purchase of frames, lenses and contacts, the cost of good vision quickly adds up. It’s recommended to have your vision tested annually as regular exams can pick up many different types of eye problems before they get worse and eyes can rapidly deteriorate, but many people shy away from doing so because of the costs associated with it. Eye care insurance isn’t exactly cheap either and can be a hassle to get. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that many people are looking to get a free eye exam.

Free Eye Test

There are a number of places where you may be able to receive a free eye test, although many of them are based on certain eligibility factors.

Firstly, America’s Best currently has an offer going whereby you can receive a free eye exam if you make use of their ‘everyday 2 pairs for $69.95 offer’, the link to which can be found here. Obviously this offer is conditional on your purchase; however, if you were planning to make the purchase regardless, the free eye exam comes as a nice bonus.

If you can’t afford an offer like the above and are struggling a lot more financially, there is help for that too. The American Optometric Association, through their Vision USA program, offers free eye exams to US citizens and legal residents who don’t have optical insurance, who have not been able to have their eyes tested in the last 2 years, and who have low incomes. In the past 2 decades alone they have given more than 340,000 Americans hope through free eye tests which is a remarkable contribution to society. More information is contained on their website which can be accessed through this link.

Similar to the American Optometric Association, EyeCare America is a progam whose mission is to maintain optical health through making people more aware in regards to eye disease and by actually providing free access to eye care to those who most need it. Just like the American Optometric Association, EyeCare America also has a certain list of criteria that must be fulfilled for a person to be eligable to receive free and discounted eye and medical care. A full list of eligibility criteria and more details about this public service program can be found by accessing their website (link provided here).

If you have recently had a baby, the development of their vision should be on your mind. Optometrists believe that all infants should have eye tests to check whether or not their vision is developing correctly. For this reason InfantSEE came about. InfantSEE offers a free eye exam for babies aged between 6 and 12 months, which much less criteria to fulfill in order to quality for an exam. More informmation can be found on their website here.

Another charity which provides eye care services and products such as free eye exams and eyeglasses is Sight For Students. Founded in 1997, they now help in excess of 50,000 students each and every year to maintain good vision. Like many others, their criteria includes that you are uninsured and have a relatively low level of income. More details can be found on the Sight For Students website.

As you can see, if you are struggling financially, there are a number of organisations out there dedicated to helping you maintain a high quality of life through healthy eyes.

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  1. im broke no job and havent seen clearly in about 3 to to4 weeks i have an astigmitizim very dangerous to ride a motorcycle or go anywere please help me with a free eye exam thank you

  2. 70 years old, and have no insurance. Haven’t had an eye exam and Prescription eye glasses in about 10 years. Where can I get a coupon for a free exam so I can get new glasses? Also a Vet.

  3. Both my husband & I only have Medicare and we need an eye exam, so how do we get a coupon for a free exam at Walmart. Thank you.

  4. I have no insurance and cannot afford an eye exam or eye glasses. Is there any place near Burlington, Iowa where I can get free exam and glasses?

  5. Need free eye exam from Walmart. Please. Haven’t had eye checked in 2 years.kirbie

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