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Lenscrafters, Walmart Vision, Sears Optical, Pearle Vison, America’s Best and a variety of other companies are all large and respected eye care centers and specialists. But which one should you choose? After all is done, there are a few different factors that have the biggest influence on who you choose; Price is one of the highest, if not the highest factor – people want bang for their buck, so those who can provide it get business. Quality of the service and product also is a big factor determining which specialist someone will go to. No-one wants to pay for a bad product or service. One of the other factors is location – you need an eye care center that is close by to you in proximity.

Lenscrafters Coupons

Earlier in this post I mentioned Lenscrafters. Since 1983 Lenscrafters have been hard at work establishing themself as a dominant force in the eye care industry. They have expanded from one store to many stores all over America, so there is a good chance that they have a center near you. On top of reasonable prices, Lenscrafters also offers coupons on a range of different products and services to help save you some money. Lenscrafters coupons can be found through the link I just provided.

If you are just having the very basic exam, the Lenscrafters eye exam cost is approximately $60 USD. This is a fairly standard price for an eye exam, although if they have a coupon for eye exams the price paid will then drop. If you wish to have more than a basic eye exam (for example a contact lens exam), the cost will also rise. Please note that the actual price at each different Lenscrafters center will vary. Therefore, it may be a good idea to visit a few centers to check prices and service before deciding on the one for you.

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